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I Wasn't Prepared for Motherhood

Sarah Biegel

Becoming a Mom was something I'd always dreamed of.

As a little girl, I was always loving on my dolls and holding my baby cousins. As I got older, I loved babysitting. In college, I even worked with younger kids in the summers. I loved it all.

But that still didn't prepare me for becoming a Mom.

I don't think you can ever really say, "I'm ready to be a Mom." There's no special moment in time where everything feels right and you're ready to pop out a baby right then and there.

No, you have to wait 9 months and even in the 9 months things change (trust me, I would know).

I'd been married for over a year and thought, I was ready. But even then, I had no idea what I was actually getting myself into.

I don't think you're ever prepared for motherhood. But, I think that's all part of it. I wasn't prepared for the newborn stage, then I got through it. I sure as heck wasn't prepared for the potty training stage, but again, I got through it.

I don't think you're prepared for motherhood until you're actually going through it. When you have no other choice but to keep pressing forward, and then still, I don't know if we're ever "prepared" for what's ahead.

If you would have told pre-pregnant Sarah living in Green Bay, WI that she would move to New Orleans and have a baby there... well, I probably would've told you I wasn't prepared.

But, becoming a Mom, in the Lord's timing, has been the biggest blessing of my life. Was I prepared for it? NO! But it's taught me how to be selfless, how to prioritize and so, so much more.

Some days, I wonder who allowed me to be a Mom. I mean come on, when we feel like we're so disheveled, can barely get our teeth brushed and then realize that we're responsible for another human?! It makes me giggle.

But that's the joy of motherhood.

Sarah B.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Sarah and her family currently reside in Florida while her husband pursues his NFL career. Her two daughters keep her and her husband on their toes at all times. Due to their many adventures and moves, Sarah has become a professional toddler wrangler and traveller. She enjoys baking recipes with her daughter that have been handed down to her from prior generations.

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