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"I truly believe "it takes a village" to raise little ones."

Sarah Biegel

Mental health is SO important during all stages of motherhood. That's why this week I'm excited to introduce to you mama of 2, Kelly. Read about her story and her advice for new mamas!

(For her family's privacy I have not provided personal photos, etc.)

How many kids do you have? Ages?

Two boys- 5 months and 21 months

Favorite part of motherhood?

Seeing how both kids develop and change.

One thing you’ve learned about yourself through motherhood?

I've learned how my identity is still shifting as a "mom," especially with 2 under 2.

One truth (or more) you wish someone had told you about before becoming a mother?

Truth 1: How common postpartum anxiety and depression can be for moms; particularly, with having a baby around the covid-19 pandemic.
Truth 2: The varied length of time it can take for your body to feel like yours again- depending on breastfeeding, various degrees of working out during pregnancy, how the birth went, what number baby you are on, etc.

How did you deal with the emotions associated with the above topic?

Truth 1: I am passionate about reducing the stigma around mental health care, so personally, I have dealt with emotions surrounding postpartum anxiety and depression by seeking out therapy for myself and connecting with loved ones openly about my motherhood experiences. The transition has been harder than I anticipated, but with the support of others, I am adjusting and growing into motherhood every day.
Truth 2: Self-compassion is huge during the motherhood process, and I continue to try to practice this regularly with the changes in my body following pregnancy.

Favorite places to seek out mom advice?

I seek out mom advice from experienced mothers, mentor mom groups through our church, other momma friends, and the book/app "Wonder Weeks" to remind myself of developmental leaps children go through.

Any words for a new mama?

I truly believe "it takes a village" to raise little ones and as humans we are meant to connect- it is a part of our internal makeup. I would encourage new moms to create a "village" or support system of friends, family, others in the community that can lift them up. Also, I read something recently, about if the baby is crying and the baby is fed, diaper changed, not tired, not sick, and still having a hard take the baby/child outside if you can or allow them to play in water. This strategy I have realized is super helpful and can apply to parents too.

Sarah B.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Sarah and her family currently reside in Florida while her husband pursues his NFL career. Her two daughters keep her and her husband on their toes at all times. Due to their many adventures and moves, Sarah has become a professional toddler wrangler and traveller. She enjoys baking recipes with her daughter that have been handed down to her from prior generations.

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