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"Enjoy every bit of your time with someone you truly connect with."

Emily W

I met Emily while I was in New Orleans. She was so kind and always made you feel welcome in her home. I love what she mentions under "One thing you wish someone prepared you for" because it's SO true.

Emily is now enjoying life post football and I'm so glad she shared her experience and valuable tips with us!

You can follow along with Emily on her personal blog,

What team did you start on?

Detroit Lions

Teams you've been on since? (if any)

New Orleans Saints

Game day ritual or tradition?

Nothing superstitious really, just always on a schedule. If we were hosting people and they weren’t on our schedule, they would have to find their own way to the game - don’t judge me. We also had very strict rules for game day - 1. If you’re staying with us, you have to be on our schedule. 2. While at the game, you represent Larry and his name so have fun but behave yourself. 3. If you’re riding with us home, you need to be ready to go when Larry is ready to go. 4. No talking about the game on the way home from or after the game. Larry is already overthinking his mistakes, he doesn’t need help to do so.

What was your experience with the draft/free agency/etc?

Larry and I weren’t dating during his draft, but free agency was stressful for two reasons. One, we never thought we would be in that position. He was cut from the Saints after his third pro bowl and one year left on his contract. So that was stressful in itself but then we also went into free agency just a few months before the 2020 season when teams didn’t even know if the season would happen so that brought another level of stress too.

Something you've struggled with in the NFL?

I struggled to fit in and be myself. The first team we were on made it hard to make friends but as the years went on, I gave up some of that fear of fitting in.

One thing you wish someone prepared you for?

I wish someone would have told me early on to live in the moment when it came to other wives. Meaning, enjoy every bit of your time with someone you truly connect with as a friend because they could be on another team tomorrow. Be open to learning and growing from the experiences of others because it is truly a blessing to even have the chance to be in community with people from all different backgrounds. Do not give into the pressure that the league puts on women - work that job if you want to, hold off on kids if you want to, pursue your dreams. It is not easy, but it is doable. And that it’s OKAY to not be friends with everyone and not be included. The women who include you and make you feel welcome are the women you want to be around anyways. Let the rest go. You cannot please everyone - so just be yourself.

A resource that the NFL offers that you use(d)?

We were HORRIBLE at using resources that the NFL offered - but mental health help is there for both the men and women.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Do not read what people say about your significant other online. It is not only a complete waste of time, but it can come in between you and your spouse. Stay away from reading the nonsense and focus on supporting your spouse and pouring into them. They need you more than you will ever know.

1st Year in the NFL
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Emily W.

My name is Emily Warford and I am an early childhood educator with a passion for inclusion at all ages! I love to pour into and serve others, whether that’s helping with their little ones or organizing and decorating their home. I absolutely loved what the NFL provided for me and my husband but could not be more thrilled to start this next chapter of retirement!

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