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"Being so open about it, helped me find other moms to connect with."

Nathalie L

Meet Nathalie:

How many kids do you have?

I have a 3.5 year old daughter, and I’m expecting my second in September. A little boy!

Favorite part of motherhood

Ugh, everything. It’s so cliche but truly everything. Everything she does, and says, and things she just picks up. She’s just my best friend in every way.

One thing you’ve learned about yourself through motherhood?

That moms can truly do so much more than they give themselves credit for. I’ve learned that I don’t give myself enough grace at all, or enough credit for the amount of things on my plate!

One truth you wish someone had told you about before becoming a mother?

I wish someone had told me that getting pregnant isn’t always a walk in the park. There’s such a stigma around Pregnancy and trying to conceive, where those who are struggling aren’t always open about it because of that fear that they may be judged or looked at differently. It did not come easily for us, and we tried for my daughter for two years and went through fertility treatments and I was so so open about it in hopes that I could help another woman or family going through the same thing.

How did you deal with the emotions associated with the above topic? How did you feel transitioning to motherhood went for you? Was it smoother than you thought or harder?

My husband was a SAINT, and I had a great support system. There are always going to be people, or comments, or things that make you feel down or uncomfortable about infertility but you never know who is going through the same thing. Being so open about it, helped me find other moms to connect with going through the same thing!

Favorite places to seek out mom advice?

I would say Instagram, but Instagram was also a very iffy and toxic place to be when dealing with infertility and postpartum. I feel like it’s only human nature to feel an unfair comparison with social media and real life.

Any words for a new mama?

Oh my gosh. Grace! Know that you know what’s best for your baby, trust that you’re doing amazing even if this is the first, second, third time around. It’s natural to be uneasy, to be nervous, but everything will be OK.

Sarah here - isn't she incredible?

You can follow her sneaker biz here: @sneakerizedcity. She has designed the most adorable shoes for Willow and does amazing sports designs, too!

Nathalie L.

I’m a young (ish at this point) mom haha, my husband and I got married super young and I would do it over and over again! We’re New Jersey natives that hope to venture out into the Midwest at some point (thanks Covid!) to just live on bigger land with pigs and chickens and 8,000 dogs. A dream. I have my own mama run sneaker business customizing sneakers, and enjoy being creative and artsy whenever I can!

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Nathalie L