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"Having a child during covid was incredibly challenging."

Steph L

This next mama you're about to meet is my friend Steph. Funny story, I first met Steph while my husband was playing for the Packers in Green Bay. I had just gotten our mini goldendoodle puppy, Lambeau, and Steph invited me over to her house for her goldendoodle's birthday party. It was the sweetest doodle puppy party i've ever been to! Steph and I connect over social media a lot since our daughters are close in age. She's an incredible mom and I'm so glad she's here to share.

How many kids do you have? Ages?

1 child, 18 months

Favorite part of motherhood?

Feeing like I have this mini me best friend. The feeling when she sees me and her whole face lights up. Her body wiggles too :)

One thing you’ve learned about yourself through motherhood?

My identity has changed. My body has changed. My thoughts have changed. My relationships have changed. Change is ok. Change can sometimes be wonderful.

One truth (or more) you wish someone had told you about before becoming a mother?

You won’t ever be able to sit down again when you want.

Life will be unpredictable, but if you can lean into that, it can be super fun.

Tell your partner what you need as a mom, because your mental clarity is crucial to focus on baby’s needs.

Find your circle of people and cling. Despite the weirdest thoughts, circumstances, or questions-someone else has them too. Promise.

Toys, clothes, decorations-don’t stress, your baby literally doesn’t care, and won’t notice. You’re an amazing mom to them whether you have it all, or none.

How did you feel transitioning to motherhood went for you?

Having a child during covid was incredibly challenging. Though I’ve never had one not during a pandemic, so who knows. I wanted to control so many things. I wanted to do it all. I struggled with losing patience when I lost parts of my identity. What I didn’t realize at the time was I had to lose those parts to be a better mom. To be a more attentive mom. I started going to therapy, but I probably needed it sooner. That has made all the difference.

Favorite places to seek out mom advice?

My moms group-we all share IG posts, like literally all day.

We joke if it’s not on there, it doesn’t exist. But these are women I trust and have grown a bond with (3 others). I wouldn’t do well with a large FB group personally because it would make me too comparative and would drive me crazy.

IG accounts: feedinglittles, biglittlefeelings, takingcarababies

Any words for a new mama?

It’s challenging, messy and so rewarding. But also, it’s ok if you struggle, it’s ok if you don’t like certain phases. It’s ok to have regrets, it’s ok to seek out advice. Like everything you do as a mom is ok, if you love, feed and attempt some kind of sleep with your child. The rest is gray. Live in the gray, everyone does, despite social media posts.

Steph L.

I consider myself a mom of 2, because my attachment to my daughter as well as to my golden doodle (my "first born"). I love trying new food (eating and making it) and being outside with my family. I love thinking I’m organized and have it all together. However, I’m the last one in the car, I love dry shampoo, and usually have Lilliana’s snot on my shirts. Also, married to the most patient and forgiving human, my wife, Amanda. I work part time as an oncology dietitian which allows me to have a dual role as working and SAHM. I also teach fitness a bit less frequent these days, but its exciting to inspire other to find the joy in movement.

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Steph L